Working with Schools

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has been operating inschools25 countries for over 30 years and is also available in the UK to every child from the age of 5 to 17. Our Academy offers a unique programme, which aims to improve children’s confidence, self esteem and, vitally, skill in verbal communication. We believe success later in life is dependent on our experiences as a child. Developing sound communication skills in the early years, where we are able to put our case forward in an ever demanding environment, is paramount to unlocking the world in which we live. Releasing a child’s creative and expressive potential through drama is key to healthy growth.

What We Can Offer Your School


These free workshops are designed to introduce our programme to you and the children in your school. All we ask is you allow us to distribute letters for the children to take home to their parents explaining what we do and where their local classes are.

We will visit your school and conduct the workshops, which last approximately one hour each and include the following aspects of our unique curriculum:Helen_O'Grady_Jetlag_Tours_Evening290

– Introductory warm up activities
– Speech exercises- Mime to music
– Creative improvised drama
– Snippets (partner work)

These can be arranged for a mutually convenient time. It’s quite possible we already have children from your school attending our classes. Feedback form teachers is always very positive. Some of the benefits to children in our programme are:

– Increase in confidence
– More likely to volunteer information in class
– Use of appropriate eye contact
– Reading and speaking with more expression

Added to this of course is the fun children have in classes and the new friendships formed and you can see how we build up vital life skills in young people.

Helen_O'Grady_Chicken_Hearted_Fox_Evening428SPECIALIST COVER FOR PPA TIME
We understand since 2005, the government requires all schools to release their teachers on a regular basis for planning, preparation and assessment time. Our Academy is able to offer a programme of study, delivered by a qualified and experienced teacher over a period of time. Our unique curriculum is structured to improve children’s confidence and verbal communication through exciting drama lessons.

We will attend your school on a weekly basis to teach one or more classes throughout the term. A series of ten or more lessons can culminate in a short presentation for the school and/ or parents.

There are different lessons for infant and juinior children. Lower primary for children 5 – 8 years (Y1 – Y3), Helen_O'Grady_Jetlag_Tours_Evening289and Upper primary for children 9 – 11 years (Y4 – Y6). With a four year cycle, children can join the Academy at 5 years old and leave at 17, without ever repeating a lesson.

Over a term we can see real progress with our students, over a year the development can be phenomenal.

All classes are high energy and great fun!

We would be happy to show you our curriculum and discuss the possibilities further and how we could meet your PPA time requirements.

Email our Principal Clare Salter at for more information.

Helen_O'Grady_Jetlag_Tours_Evening294“How can I begin to thank you? I am so proud of Samantha’s achievements over the last five years. She has grown in confidence, enjoys performing and will talk to people easily.”
N (Parent)